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It’s 2017: Ki’s Organizing!


Does the new year hasten your desire to get organized?

Ki heeds the clarion call of January reorganization every two years!
She got a head start in December, and before this month is out, she’ll have culled the clutter and refined the way she stores everything from paper clips to dryer sheets!
So far, she’s checked off an impressive list of to-do’s:
☒Hall closet
☒Dining room cabinets
☒Half of the guest room closet (home to all of her office supplies!)
“Living in an apartment vs. a house, I need to keep up on it or it gets out of hand,” she said. “As a junker, I hate to throw anything away, so I have to discipline myself to remove and replace.”
What’s still to come?
☐The other half of the guest room closet
☐File cabinets
☐The biggie! The garage!
Lest too much organization becomes drudgery, Ki’s got some fun on tap for this year, too:
☐ New issues of Flea Market Style
Junk Bonanzas in San Diego, Minneapolis and Portland
☐ Time with her kids and their families
☐ Grandma Ki-Ki time
☐ Maybe a trip to Napa (“Not in that order, necessarily!”)
Ki’s holiday gift to herself was Rubbermaid drawer organizers, clear plastic tubs and Ziploc bags. “A few years ago, I was given a button that reads ‘I am Particular’,” she said. “I guess that sorta sums it all up!”
What particular organization plans do YOU have for 2017?!

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