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Apron Giveaway — As Seen in Flea Market Style Mag!


We’re super-excited to celebrate the Spring 2017 issue of Flea Market Style!

To that end, we plan to give away these aprons from Page 3 of the new issue — we’ll do one drawing now, one later. It’s simple to enter — just leave a comment below — scroll down a bit below this post!

Add  your comment by end of day March 15. We’ll choose the first winner via random number generator and announce then when the second giveaway will occur!

Copies of the new issue are starting to arrive at small retailers and are expected on newsstands, bookstores and large retailers by FEB. 14! As always, you can order a copy from FMS friend Margo at  She will ship!

Ki and Celeste

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  1. Would love to get a new apron for the spring season going to be decorating my new she-shed that was just built this fall. also looking forward to the spring issue.

  2. I’m so thrilled that Flea Market Style is pumping out rusty, crusty, faded fun, and elegance again. I think the hiatus has been happily hydrated your creative juices, but it almost killed me to go without you…

    I adore these aprons… they’re perfect for my art therapy studio! The colors and rit dye mixing recipes link at is a treasure Almost as lovable as the vintage hardware apron fonts and local town names and numbers! Please PICK me!

  3. Looking forward to the MN Junk Bonanza in April with my husband and sisters. I could totally see myself wearing this at the event… ! ?

  4. Love, love, love those aprons! I just bought the Spring issue at the Walmart in Woodstock IL. I’m hiding for the rest of the day so I can read it cover to cover. Milena

  5. As others have said, I would love one of these aprons. Do they sort of remind anyone else of “feed sack” fabric? Happy early Valentine’s Day to all!❤

  6. I will be “hunting” for the Spring issue. Can’t wait to read and I save all the issues that I have bought and especially the ones you have signed me. I have missed the last 2 years of the Minneapolis show—hope to keep my calendar clear for this spring’s show!! Is it possible to get a pattern to make one (If I don’t win), I have an old Coke apron.

  7. Flea Market Style is my favorite magazine! Cant wait for the next issue!

    I have a love affair with vintage linens and this apron is absolutely adorable! Perfect for me to wear when I’m selling my repurposed items at craft shows.

  8. Would love to have the apron hang in the Vintage Market of Ft.Myers, where i have space and buy the FMS mag. So glad you brought it back.

    1. I’ve been a fan of anything flea market since I was a young girl. So to my surprise, Flea Market Style magazine was born, where I have been able to pull ideas and couple them with my own flea market style living, so THANK YOU. The aprons are charming!

  9. I just got the issue- nice! I’m glad it’s not another reprint- I kept buying those because I wouldn’t put my glasses on while shopping hahahah!!!! My neighbor also likes your magazine. You should run more events in Massachusetts- everything here is old!

  10. I love your magazine and I would be honored to win one of these beautiful aprons. I am already waiting for your next issue!!!

  11. I am from Sandy Lake, PA & would love to win that apron!!! I even posted the magazine on FB so all my friends & family would see how cool it was. Sandy Lake, PA population 652 people. Wait I just became a Grandma! 653!!!

  12. I saw this apron with Gilmore lumber on it and couldn’t believe my eyes!! I am from sandy lake and remember where the company was in sandy lake. I see Amy commented too! Amazing to see something from our little town in a national magazine! If nothing else, thanks for this picture. Love this magazine

  13. Just saw these aprons today. The Gilmore Lumber Store was a family business in Sandy Lake Pennsylvania. Was amazed that an apron still exists! What a special treat for our family to see this in your magazine!

  14. You gave me a good idea of what to do with old lumberyard aprons that were too stiff to wear: cut out the advertising sections, and sew them on to a more supple apron! And I loved the colors you chose to dye them….very creative!

  15. I work for a friend who conducts estate sales and this type of apron would be a great way to carry my marking pens, tape and cell phone with me ! I would have all my supplies at my finger tips and would look very stylish as I did my job. Love your magazine I gotten so many wonderful decorating ideas from your pages .
    Ann Whitworth

  16. I LOVE your magazine. I am always checking for the latest edition. Thanks for all of the excellent ideas.

  17. First time reading, rather soaking up, this magazine and am super in love with it!!! Will make sure I continue to get this magazine as they come out. Everything is right up my alley!! Aprons are super cute! Gotta go, off to find some of the goods featured here…bye

  18. We used hardware aprons in our restaurant for wait staff,everyone loved em but these are elevated 100 % !☺

  19. Love these aprons – aprons seem to be a lost art but I love to wear them in all colors and styles. Love this magazine!!!!!

  20. Ohhh that pink one!! I would love wearing that around the farm. I found my first Flea Market Style at my local Tractor Supply…. 145 pages of pure heaven! Thanks ladies 😉

  21. Just saw your magazine for the first time and I love it! Wonderful finds and great info! And the aprons are awesome!

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