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Petticoats Redux!


The Petticoats on the Prairie show in West Texas last October was a blast!

Ki wanted to share these photos from the show — which is set to return to Levelland, TX, again, Oct. 16-17, 2015!

That’s Ki on the right, living it up with junking pal Margo. (Ki makes pink prettier when accessorized with red shoes!)

The armadillo is a nice touch!


The Pajama Breakfast was a hit!


This booth caught Ki’s eye! Promoters Mary, Cat and Cecilia put on a great show! (And vendors, if you are interested in this show; here’s an application link!)


Ki would have purchased this funky chair, but it didn’t fit in her suitcase!

She fell in love with this Lucky Strike girl!

Ki loved this super-cool vinyl horse art!


Ditto for this violin case. She wanted to take it apart and hang each half on the wall!

Petticoats on the Prairie

Cat, Cecilia, Mary, Margo and Ki had a great time!

Here’s hoping you’ll have as much fun at Petticoats this October!


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  1. Hi there!! I would like to invite you to stop at my shop here in Johnson City the next time you come through!! It’s A Shabby Room…..I am on Facebook! I love painting shabby chic furniture and spend as much time as I can junking here in the Hill Country! Look for me in Warrenton in the Dillard field this Spring!! Thanks!

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