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Ask the Expert: Debi Beard on How-To Videos!


Debi Beard operates a great DIY and craft channel on You-Tube that is all about using your creativity to repurpose vintage castoffs! (My favorite: glitter painting a Frenchy chair!)

We love Debi’s work, and asked her to help lend her expertise to the Ki Nassauer Community — she is this week’s featured Ask the Expert! She is ready to help you improve the quality of your how-to videos! She is a masterful video maker!

Pose your questions to her and she’ll answer right on the Community page! This session runs through Friday, Feb. 13! It’s fun and it’s free; you need to register if you haven’t already, but it takes less than a minute!

Debi’s store, House Vintage, is located in a 1920s cottage in Solana Beach, CA! That’s near the Del Mar Fairgrounds, where Ki’s other venture, the Junk Bonanza, is holding its first three-day vintage market, March 20-22, in California! To learn more, check it out here:!

You can learn more about Debi here!

She’s also on Facebook, follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Home Talk!



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