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Behind the Scenes: Frame Works Project!

The beautiful “Frame Works” projects pictured on pages 56-63 of the latest issue of Flea Market Style mag  posed the question, “When is a frame no longer a frame?” The answer: “When it is turned into a dog dish, a puzzle and eight more cool DIY projects!”
We’ll ask an additional question: What makes a project fun? Deadline pressure!
Project coordinator Jane Hall, a junker and owner of Mustard Moon vintage, found that out firsthand!
“We were on the way from Minnesota to Des Moines to drop off the projects for the shoot and we needed one more piece for the frame puzzle project,” Jane said. “We stopped at a shop and found a frame, but then we had to cut the piece. We asked the owner if he had a saw and he said, ‘Sure, go check out the old tools in the basement,’ and there it was!”
As with most FMS projects, collaboration is key!
Jane foraged for frames and Patrick Stinnett of Robinwood Reclaim in Minnetonka, MN, built the projects. “He also offered moral support,” Jane said!
And why was that needed?
Each project needed to be stained, but Jane retrieved them from Patrick before that happened. So she stained during convenient stops along the way to Des Moines!
 Temperatures were ’40s and fabulous the day Jane and her traveling companion, Sara Smith, made the trip! Luckily for her!
The beautiful pieces you see in the magazine sometimes take extra work to get that way!
Thank you, Jane, for going the extra mile!


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