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How to Make the Fall FMS Plaid Knapsack!

Remember this cool plaid knapsack from our latest Fall issue?
As promised, here are directions from our seamstress, Nancy Miller Polacek, for making one for your very own!
What You’ll Need:
* A men’s plaid shirt (flannel or cotton)
* Rope for the drawstring
* Sturdy twill or denim for the lining
* Scissors
* Sewing machine
* Suede from a thrift store skirt
* Grommets
Sewing Instructions:
1. Button up the shirt and press.
2. Cut off underneath the armpits, straight across.
3. Cut off tails to form a tube.
4. Stitch alongside the buttons to permanently close the tube.
5. Draft a similar-sized tube of twill or other sturdy fabric, and stitch, right sides together, to the top of the shirt tube.
6. Turn to the inside and press. Baste the lower edges together.
7. Stitch a strip of suede from a thrift store skirt or other castoff along the lower edge of the bag.
8. Set in a circle of suede to form the bottom.
9. Insert large metal grommets according to package directions, evenly spaced along the top, for the drawstring.
Happy sewing! We’d love to see pictures of your knapsack projects!
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