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Two Ideas House Projects

The Bachman’s Ideas House is filled with clever and practical uses for vintage objects – most that can be found easily and purchased for next to nothing. Here’s a couple of my favorite projects.

In the upstairs bathroom, I repurposed two old wooden hangers as towel bars. By anchoring a scrap piece of dowel to the wall before the hanger was attached with 2 screws, I created a simple, yet sturdy place to hang a towel!

Notice that the metal “hook” on the hanger makes a great (and easy) place to quickly hang your towel – no excuse for wet towels on the floor! And the wooden form is a great place to add a washcloth or even a hand towel.

For the next project, I challenged my friend, Sara Smith (you may remember her from Flea Market Style magazine) to create a side table with stacks of old coverless Reader’s Digest Condensed Books. This project proved to be a bit tricky because it was really important to create a stable base – out of of books, no less!

Sara was able to drill through the center of the books (individually), insert a threaded metal rod and attach it to a wood base with nuts. At the top she added another thin piece of wood for extra stability and topped it with the 4 volumes you see through the glass top. You can see the washer/nut combination under the glass which I think gives it sort of an industrial look. (Clear rubber surface protectors placed on top of the nuts keep the glass from sliding.)

I am off to Florida for the next week to check in with my parents and fam, the bunk house and do some horse back riding….and maybe even a bit of junking.


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  1. both great ideas, and “why didn’t I think of that” for the hangers. Great re-purpose, Guess I’ve got a new project now.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. great idea…and i have some hangers like that from the 50’s and ’60s from the local mens stores 😀 i should pair them up with the wooden shoe stretcher things for a mans bathroom or office 😀

  3. Ok…people like you frustrate me just a little bit ’cause I wanna be just like you!!! And I’m not sure I got what it takes. Wonderful, inspirational ideas. Can I follow in your footsteps, I still wonder?! I might try…. Love the upside down hangers and table. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

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